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Best medicine, more choice, and convenience. That’s why we think you’ll appreciate our new In-office Prescription Program.

Patients tell us often they can’t get the medicine we prescribe for their dermatology conditions because insurance won’t cover it. We feel that interferes with the quality care we provide at Natural Image Skin Center.

We are introducing an In-office Prescription Program.  It’s a convenient medication dispensing program that allows our patients to get prescriptions in our office; no need to go to the pharmacy or hassle with insurance.  Plus you can rest assured it’s the exact medication your provider wants you to have for your specific condition.

Besides the added convenience, our providers can consult with their patients directly as you receive your medication. You get to have an open discussion about taking and completing your medication along with any information about interactions.

Studies show drug therapy is 60% to 70% better when medications are delivered at the point of care in the doctor’s office, compared to when patients are handed a written prescription. Care and satisfaction is quickly improved because providers can monitor patients’ progress. Amazingly enough, medical practices like ours spend up to 20 hours a week on prior authorization requests mandated by insurance companies for prescriptions. Meaning these practices spend as much time dealing with insurers, as they spend on everything else combined. And 70% of patients, who must deal with a prior authorization, do not receive the originally prescribed medication, but rather a substitution.

Finally, there is now an alternative to the pharmacy.

Do patients really prefer this approach?

Yes.  Based on research conducted by Opinion Research Corporation, three out of four (75%) Americans would prefer to have their prescription(s) filled in their doctor’s office instead of a retail pharmacy if given the choice.  Even more, 84%, feel it would be more convenient and 62% feel it would help them better manage their health.


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